Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alma Faye Don't Fall In Love 1979

Back when Casablanca was hot in the late 70's (This one's from '79) came this soulful dance ditty from the very sexy Alma Faye Brooks. In late 1978 Michel Daigle and Dominic Sciscente (BLACK LIGHT ORCHESTRA fame), along with ALMA FAYE BROOKS began writing and recording what would become her only album release. Originaly released in Canada (see photo above) "Doin' It" would be a disco masterpiece. By 1979 the album would make it's way to the American club scene when Casablanca records picked it up and re-released here under the shortened Alma Faye moniker.
"Don't fall in love" was Alma's classic disco mix of 1979, on her Casablanca and RCA album "Doin' it".

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